Natural Nail Manicure  $20
File and shape nails. Attention to cuticles, hand massage and apply polish
Polish Change  $12
Remove/apply polish
French Manicure  $25
Manicure plus french polish
Infinite Shine Manicure  $25
Same procedure as Manicure. Infinite shine polish system is more durable and lasts up to 7-10 days.
Naked Manicure  $30
Natural nail treatment made by Zoya. Great for clients that have removed their acrylics and want to grow their natural nails. (recommend to take treatment home)
Gel Manicure  $36
File and shape nails. Attention to cuticles, polish and hand massage
Gel Manicure with Soak Off  $42
Gel Polish Change  $20
– With Soak Off  $26
Kids Manicure 10 Years &  under  $12


Acrylic Full Set $50
Nail tips and acrylic applied, polish and hand massage
Acrylic Overlay $40
Applying acrylic to natural nails. No length added. Attention to cuticles. Polish and hand massage
Soak Off Acrylics  $10
Acrylics Fills  $27
Attention to cuticles, shaping of the nails to desired style, hand massage and polish included
Pink & White Fill  $37
Full Set w/ Gel Polish  $60
Fill w/ Gel Polish  $37
French Polish $5
Repairs (per nail)  $2.50
Tips (per nail) $5.00
Nail Art $2.50 – $5.00 per nail
Nail polish is instantly dry by curing each layer under LED light. Stays shiny, doesn’t chip and it’s guaranteed for 2 weeks but can last even longer.